Different types of online slots

The first online slots were very similar to physical fruit machines. We often refer to these 3-reel machines as classic slots. With the boom in online slots came more advanced video slots, more reels, more ways to win and more innovative bonus games, features and graphics. Some are progressive jackpot games and some are regular games.

An example of such a video slot is the popular Divine Fortune slot. You can try to play it and win at the link.

Online Video Slots

Video slots are by far the most common type of slot machines you will find at online casinos. They have at least 5 reels (sometimes more) and feature elaborate graphics, sound effects and sometimes three-dimensional splash screens of almost cinematic quality. There are simpler video slots as well, but they are usually equipped with innovative bonus features and exciting special effects.

The numbers clearly describe the popularity of video slots. Some of the features and technologies associated with video slots have also become very popular recently, one example of this is the Megaways technology invented by game manufacturer Big Time Gaming. The technology has significantly increased the number of winning lines, which has proven to be very popular among players.

Classic online slots

Classic slots have 3 reels, and they tend to be much simpler in every possible way than video slots. Often, classic slot machines can resemble - or be an exact replica of - physical fruit machines or one-armed bandits. They have a nostalgic appeal to many, but some also simply prefer the simplicity that classic slots offer.While you may have encountered many different classic slot machines over the years in regular casinos, they have not been as popular online as the video slots category.

Progressive Slots (Jackpot Slots)

Progressive slots, or jackpot games, are definitely worth mentioning as a separate category because of the fundamental principles by which one lucky player can win a life-changing jackpot of astronomical amounts. But the truth is that this category can be categorized as classic slots or video slots.The concept of jackpot slots is not new because of the popularity of online casinos. They have existed in physical form since 1986, when IGT acquired the jackpot concept with its physical slot machine called Megabucks. 

An interesting fact is that these local machines were connected by telephone lines in the United States. The chance to win a huge jackpot attracted many players, and less than a year later one lucky player won the first jackpot in Reno, USA, about $5 million.

Nothing has changed since 1986, the opportunity to win still attracts many players. Progressive slot machines have become even more accessible thanks to online casinos. Jackpots are frequent and many players participate in these pools.

Let's bust 4 myths about online slots

Several superstitious misconceptions about online slots and slot machines in general have been common since the early days of slot machines.

It's easy to win money in online slots. It isn't. The statistical return to the player (your expected result after a huge number of spins) is usually around 96%, which means that you will lose money in the end. Nevertheless, you still have a chance to win, and win a lot. But the most likely outcome is that you will lose money.

The more you play, the more likely you are to win - each spin is random and independent of previous spins. This means that playing long will lead to more winning rounds, but will not give more chances to generate winning rounds. The more spins you play, the more likely you are to get a negative total.

Games get hot and/or cold depending on the payout history of the last few hours - this is not the case when it comes to online slots. Each spin is random and independent of other rounds, which means you have the same chance to win on every spin.

You can't win big in classic slots - you can't. You can win at both classic and video slots, especially progressive slots where you can occasionally get an impressive size jackpot. Sometimes the payout runs into the millions. Nevertheless, the chances of winning the jackpot are very small, but nevertheless, this player's life changes.