About EPC

Get To Know The EPC Team

With a team of accounting experts dedicated to helping you with tax preparing and filing, auditing, and financial reporting, Edmonds Professional Corporation makes accounting easy!

Edmonds Professional Corporation is headed by our team of CPA’s, with a  philosophy of providing professional accounting services with exceptional customer service is the cornerstone to his company’s success.

Based in downtown Toronto, Edmonds Professional Corporation operates in an inclusive environment that welcomes people and professionals from all walks of life, such as young families, new businesses, and larger organizations that need the personal attention that Ian and his team provide.

They also offer specialized services to not-for-profits and charities, as well as to political organizations and candidates who need help navigating the accounting requirements that are involved within the political landscape.

“The most important aspect of what we do is building that personal relationship with our clients. They need to know that the people they’re working with can be trusted, and will treat them with the respect they deserve.”

– Steve Matos CPA, CA, Principal, Edmonds Professional Corporation

If you’re a Canadian or US citizen working cross-border, whether in the fashion, entertainment, or any other industry, Edmonds Professional Corporation can advise you on any tax implications and responsibilities, and prepare and file your returns.

Ian’s team of seasoned accounting professionals are available for face-to-face meetings in the Greater Toronto Area, over email, phone, or Skype for a completely customized service experience. Their proactive, responsive approach to solving your accounting and tax needs makes the whole process simple, taking the worry of tax filing, compliance, and financial reporting out of your hands.